8585730_xxlFew investments can give as much satisfaction as fresh paint for the interior of your home.

It’s one of the most affordable home improvements there is, and when you give tired, old painted surfaces a fresh new coat of quality paint, your whole family will enjoy it.

You can spend weeks doing it yourself. But if you want beautiful results, there is a lot of preparation: sanding, scraping, masking, draping and priming. And that’s before a single coat of the finish paint goes on. It may take you an entire season to do it yourself.

Gonzalez Painting can help you paint and restore your home, condominium, apartment or town house. Our house painters have years of experience from painting homes throughout Triangle area.

Family owned and operated since 1985, we know the value of a dollar. That’s why we maintain low overhead and can pass the savings along to our clients.

But it doesn’t end there. Our painting crews are experienced and efficient. They don’t waste time. They don’t make costly mistakes. They don’t waste materials. We’re proud of our painters, and you’ll feel proud too, when you see them on the job.


  • Brush or Spray Painting
  • Custom Interior/ Exterior Paint
  • Professional Color Match
  • Gutter Cleaning & Power Washing
  • Drywall Repair & Wood Rot Repair